The Tartan Trend

Tartan is and will always be in my oppinion a trendy fabric. Because the classic woven fabric in one color is a bit boring, tartan will always make an outfit more interesting and beautiful. Almost everyone, when they hear about tartan they think of Scotland, but it seems that tartan like fabrics already appeared from 400 BC in Central Europe and Western Asia and in Scotland in the XVIth century. In Scotland even now different patterns and colors of plaid are used to distinguish particular clans or families. There are many different pattern of plaid but the most popular combination is the red and black pattern. This winter designers have not proposed only blazers of tartan but also a wide range of pieces like dresses, pants or jackets. I love it! Do you like tartan?

I'm Closer

The Knit Project

I had an exciting post day yesterday. My 2nd year Knit project arrived. As I sipped my tea, I read the brief. "A sense of time, a sense of place". Either a personal, emotional, interior environment, your bed, a shelf, a room, a table, a wardrobe, your bedroom floor, or a physical exterior environment, a landscape, street corner, road, wood, plaza, etc. From different view points (out a window, through a crack of a door, above, below, etc) draw, photograph, collage and even build your observations of your environment in a broad range of media and techniques. Record changes (night, day, dawn, dusk, atmosphere, creased, folded, bright, shadowed, etc). My head is full of ideas which is at the same time paralysing. I'm really interested in the notion of an internal landscape but don't want it to become an exercise in navel-gazing. I'd be able to use Anthony Gormley in some of my research. However I like the use of a road. The idea of the length but also the minutia. I'd be able to research the Boyle Family. I'd like to explore structure, form and architecture. The first thing I need to do is some brain storming. Then I can get it straight in my head.

Good Days

Health of Native Americans

I come across a lot of information in the course of a day, most of it barely touching my mind. However, from time to time, I come across something that makes me stop and take a closer look. Yesterday was one of those times. A conference of Native American physicians have been meeting in Portland this week. Modern medicine's approach has fractured the holistic healing practices of Native Americans, who have the worst health problems in the nation. On some level I've known that for years. What I did not know was "the life expectancy for Native Americans is 63 years compared with 74 for the general population. In South Dakota, the median age of death is 81 for the general population; 58 for Native Americans". "The statistical differences continue: The death rate among Native Americans from diabetes is three times as high as the general population's; six times as high from alcohol; more than two times as high from accidents and 60 percent higher from suicide". The statement that stopped me in my tracks was this one: "We need to address the underlying wounded spirits, the loss of culture, the loss of land and how that affects people's spirits".

Hello World!

It's been quite some time since I last blogged. A little over three months now looking at the date of the last post. I just wanted to take a break I guess. Have been very busy at work, not feeling like blogging when I get home, so therefore I just stopped. I'm feeling the need to reconnect with all my blogging friends. I've missed you girls/guys and miss the support I was getting from all of you. And believe me I need some asskickin again. Life just gets so busy sometimes that I am the last person I take care of. I am tired at the end of day, too tired to get up early and move my butt, and too busy during the day at work to take time to go out for a walk. And I'm feeling the effects of this lack of otivation/movement. I need to be accountable to someone other than me and you lucky folks are going to be it! Will I keep this blog updated? Well that is the plan, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly, I have no idea. Could just be when the need drives me. I've got some catching up to do with all of you! Hope you are all doing fantastic!