The Knit Project

I had an exciting post day yesterday. My 2nd year Knit project arrived. As I sipped my tea, I read the brief. "A sense of time, a sense of place". Either a personal, emotional, interior environment, your bed, a shelf, a room, a table, a wardrobe, your bedroom floor, or a physical exterior environment, a landscape, street corner, road, wood, plaza, etc. From different view points (out a window, through a crack of a door, above, below, etc) draw, photograph, collage and even build your observations of your environment in a broad range of media and techniques. Record changes (night, day, dawn, dusk, atmosphere, creased, folded, bright, shadowed, etc). My head is full of ideas which is at the same time paralysing. I'm really interested in the notion of an internal landscape but don't want it to become an exercise in navel-gazing. I'd be able to use Anthony Gormley in some of my research. However I like the use of a road. The idea of the length but also the minutia. I'd be able to research the Boyle Family. I'd like to explore structure, form and architecture. The first thing I need to do is some brain storming. Then I can get it straight in my head.

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