Smoky Eyes in 5 Minutes

I'll be the first to admit I cannot do the smoky eye effect to save my life. I look more like uncle fester from the adams family than I do Cheryl Cole. I have numerous palettes with the colours for the smoky eye look and despite watching millions of youtube video tutorials I am still hopeless... but then I saw in more magazine Max Factors Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow. (I purposely put the lighter shade on black so you could see the colour better). As soon as I had the stick in my hands I knew that I would be able to do the smoky eye effect. The best way to describe it is imagine a colouring crayon but with one end dark and the other light. (Before blending the colours in with eachother). You start by putting the light shade over the lid (I took it 3/4 away across the lid, from the inner corner outwards) then you apply the darker shade from about half way and then blend with your little finger. 

How easy is that?! You can make it as dramatic as you want, I have used this for a day look smoky eye and a going out sexy smoky eye. Its creamy so it is super easy to blend in you dont even need a brush you can use your little finger like I did. It also has staying power it lasts all day which I think is pretty good considering most creamy eyeshadows seem to disappear during the day. You can buy this from most drugstores like Boots or Superdrug. I believe they are around $7 and you can pick from sixshades if you dont think that the one Ive got is suitable for you. I think this one is called Onyx but dont quote me I just know its black and white as I ripped the colour label off it by mistake! I definitely think this is a must have product! I am so happy that they have brought this out it is simply fool proof and perfect for a sexy smoky eye whilst on the go!

How I Finally Lost the Weight in Just 8 Weeks!

After a few hours of intense searching, I stumbled across some products to that looked really promising! Not only did I find lots of good reviews, but they also had free trials so I could try them out with out spending much! My searches brought me to a page that mentioned Acai berry and Colon cleanse supplements. Both were being offered as a 14-day trial using a coupon that brought the shipping down to only $2. Less than a week after signing up to try it, both came and I was so pumped. I really was eager to try them together, and see if the products complimented each other for weight loss. My results? Fantastic! I was able to see and feel the difference in my body immediately. My hunger was drastically reduced, and didn't experience hunger. Here's what I did, step by step: 

Step 1. Cho-Yung Slimming Tea. Most people have heard of green tea and its health giving benefits. Cho-Yung Slimming Tea is a special blend that enhances weight loss, and helps maintain even levels of fatty acids in the blood. I ate small meals frequently and took the tea, which helped me lose weight. Cho-Yung Slimming Tea had a special offer for free trial and shipping for just a dollar when I used coupon code at the checkout page: It helped reduce my hunger, so I was able to get through the day without overeating; Helped maintain even levels of fatty acids in my blood; Helped boost my metabolism to burn fat faster.

Step 2. ProCleanse Gold. Got me thinner fast with a thorough colon cleanse. When I experienced fast weight loss, it boosted my morale. They are offering a free trial and shipping offer as well, for only $2 when you use coupon code at the checkout page. Here's what it did for me: Removed toxins from my body; Took inches off my waistline overnight; Removed extra waste from my stomach; Relieves constipation. When my supply ran out, I began using the AcaiBerry Detox, which has been a genuine blessing for me. The two products were complimentary, and helped me lose over 11 kilos after using the first trial by itself. As I continued using these products after the trial, and losing another 7 kilos in less than 2 and a half months, I have never felt better! My weight is down to just 65 kilos.

Also, I have more energy now, and all the fun the family I have together never leaves me feeling tired. I feel much better about my appearance, and am no longer depressed. My husband gives me "that look" again like he did when we were dating. It has genuinely improved the quality of my life and my relationship with my family. The best part is, you can try all of these products for free, so what are you waiting for. It worked for me, so it can work for others. By the way, be careful that you order both the AcaiBerry Detox and Colon Cleanse to guarantee maximum results. They have free trials and money back guarantees, so all you would have to pay for is shipping like I did. The total price came to only $5 each piece.

The Nutritionist Visit

After trying the products the nutritionist had mentioned, I FINALLY had some exciting results. Let me tell you what happened to me. The first item the nutritionist discussed was the powerful anti-oxidant green tea. After a bit of online research, I saw that it has been used throughout Asia as an important healing and weight loss product for centuries. Green tea helps your body digest meals, and to regulate the levels of fatty acids in the blood. It is also used in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease due to its high levels of anti-oxidants. When the nutritionist began discussing about the importance of keeping one's colon cleansed, the studio audience giggled, but I was very intrigued.

I did more research, and found that his assertion that shedding weight using regular methods is correct. Medical authorities at BBC News, CNN, ABC, CBS and even the Wall Street Journal backed up what the TV nutritionist said.I combined green tea with a regular colon cleansing product to rid my system of excess waste and buildup. The TV nutritionist said it was urgent that this be done, or else weight loss will be difficult or impossible. It's unpleasant to discuss, but the fact is that waste removal becomes sluggish in our colons and attract toxins that remain in your system. This makes it impossible to lose weight using regular methods. 

Think of what 5 to 10 kilos of undigested meals will do to your waistline. The nutritionist claimed that you can exercise all you want, but exercise will not adequately deal with the sludge in your system. He said "Performing a colon cleanse will clean out the sludge. And in doing so, you will automatically lose weight in ways that dieting and exercise alone cannot." The fact that this show did not endorse any particular product or weight loss program gave them more veracity. The producers of the show and the nutritionist really were trying to get the word out about the health benefits of green tea and colon cleanse products. So I went on the search for recommended Green Tea and Colon Cleanse products...

How I Managed to Get so Fat!

Like so many other mothers, I spent 4 years of my life giving my all to the family. Household chores and child care left me exhausted, and not in the mood for exercise. I definitely knew that weight gain was creeping up on me, so I would fight back with the usual weight loss products: Atkins, herbal potions, South Beach, weekly meetings, etc. I shelled out lots of money for weekly meetings, bought books and special food. I'd lose a little, or nothing, and my weight fluctuateed badly. After several attempts at dieting I would gain it all back, and become severely depressed. As I said earlier, 55 kilos was my weight when I got married. I stayed thin and fit, until my pregnancy with Matthew. My pregnancy weight gain was normal, and after he was born I was able to shed some of it. 

A few months after giving birth I was pregnant with Jayne, and my body reacted differently. I gained much more weight during this pregnancy. It may have happened because I had her too soon after Matthew and my body hadn't fully recovered from the first pregnancy. A few months after I had Jayne, I was 89 kilos and I stopped looking at the scale. I hated myself, and couldn't bear to see the numbers. At this point, I wondered if my solution would be to join a gym. I found it so hard to find the time and motivation to participate. Who has time with two babies at home? I wasn't able to sustain the gym visits, and so failed again. I blamed myself, but looking back I realise that some of the fault wasn't mine. 

Pregnancy weight gain was normal, and my body's clinging to the extra baby fat after my second pregnancy was something I couldn't foresee. I made several efforts to lose the weight. And as a hardworking wife and mother, I know I'm not actually lazy. Life was taking a toll on my body, and it needed help of a different kind. An Expert gave advice on what works... and I took LOTS of notes! If it was not for an afternoon TV show, I would probably still be fat today. One afternoon, as I was watching a daytime TV talk show, I heard the host talking to a nutritionist about natural methods of losing weight. He helped unravel the mystery of why people have so much trouble dropping kilos, and discussed products that are being used by people around the world to lose weight and improve their health.

How a Tired, Distracted Mum lost 24 kilos with a Simple-2-Step Program

After having two kids, my thighs used to shake when I walked! My name is Anna, I am married and have two young children, Jayne and Matthew. Two pregnancies and several years of marriage had taken a toll on my appearance. I had a bulging stomach, love handles and thunder thighs; I clearly was fatter than the other mums at school. My kids were young, but they knew it their mum was very, very overweight. My husband and kids used to joke that I was “flabulous”. I tried to be good natured about it, and enjoy the joke with my children, but deep down I was hurt. I got so depressed about this... 

I would avoid mirrors and socialising with the other mums. I wondered if my husband still found me attractive, but I couldn't bear to ask him. My husband, Mitchell, is a true gentleman who married a beautiful 55 kilo hottie that wound up with 3 chins. And he said nothing. Sometimes I felt he wanted to have a word with me about it, but he's too polite. Nevertheless, I'm sure he was feeling rather disappointed in me and the way I had let myself go. Two pregnancies was my excuse, but that was years in the past. Something had to be done about my weight, and fast. This was no way to live.

Good Career Choices for The Family-Minded Girl

I have listed ten career choices that would be good for a woman who wants to have some higher education and a job that will be in a pleasant, safe work environment with reasonably good status and pay. These jobs are all notable for allowing flexible schedules, either part-time or full-time, which would allow a mother to be focused on her family while there are children at home. At this time in the U.S. all these jobs are fairly easy to get. Education requirements range from a certificate diploma to a Master’s degree. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Occupation Educational requirement Licensure requirements Median Average
Flexible hours Benefits and Drawbacks
Nurse Associates or BSN Yes, by state 69,110 Very Can work full or part time, in many different settings, good pay relative to education level
Vet Tech Associates Yes, by state 31,570 very Pay is not high unless one works for a large research company or university
Ultrasound tech 1 yr certificate Associates
Yes, by state 65,800 moderate Excellent pay relative to education level; Can work part-time
Speech-Language Pathologist MA Yes, by state and natl org 72,000 very Many different work settings; a national shortage makes finding a job easy; can work full or part time; drawback: long, difficult MA required
Occupational Therapist MA Yes by state and natl org 74,970 very Many different work settings, long MA program
Physical Therapist MA By state and natl org 79,340 very Many different work settings, good pay for an MA
Social Worker MA By state 54,220 moderate Drawback: can be low-pay relative to educational requirement; Can be flexible depending on location
Dental hygienist 2 yr certificate Associates By state 69,760 moderate Can be flexible though most jobs are full-time M-F; good pay for only a two-year degree
Physician Assistant MA By state 89,470 moderate Excellent pay but very challenging degree (basically Med school lite); can work part time; many different work settings
Home Daycare —– Need a state license to run a home daycare Approx.  $200/weekPer child Not very flexible Can work from home, which is nice if you have your own children at home; can be hard work to add more little ones; pay is not high; kids get sick a lot

Teachers and Librarians both have pleasant working conditions, reasonable salaries, and manageable hours, but at present in the United States there is a dearth of available jobs in these fields. Administrative Assistants have low educational requirements, moderate salary, very inflexible hours (8-5, M-F). A good resource for learning about various jobs is Education Portal, which allows you to compare salaries, educational requirements, and so on. On the whole, I’d say I’m not a huge fan of women in the workforce, although I myself work one half-day per week.  Being economically-dependent on one’s husband might be a good thing in some ways; it certainly would make it harder for women to bail out of their marriages, and having Mother at home is definitely what most children prefer.  However, each couple needs to navigate this issue for themselves, with the husband of course having the final veto power.

Weight Loss Techniques

There are number of ways of reducing weight. Here we will see how the split meals help in controlling weight. Reducing the meal can be of great advantage and this can be achieved using the concept of split of meals. Splitting of meals is to split the meals from 6 to 7 a day instead of consuming three times a day. Splitting of meals increases the metabolism activity of the body and decreases the hunger between the meals. It is also a well known fact that our digestive system is very efficient only when it is provided with new and small samples of food. If you eat more food then, it may store excess of energy which is basically unwanted. This leads to the storage of fats. This excess of energy stored builds up overtime and hence after some time, it may become an unwanted substance. For the fat to be controlled from the body, it can be done only if we don't eat and make that energy utilize.

The expenditure of energy can be done in many ways. Some of them are to spend the extra calories by exercising and splitting the meals. Exercising includes spending time with physically involved activities such as walking, jogging, running, gym and skipping. The main advantage of the split meals is that, it always helps in reducing the risk of storing the extra energy which is basically unwanted. It helps in burning away the energy that is required at that time. Another advantage of split meals is that it stops you feel hunger. It also helps you digest the food in a smaller span and in a more efficient way. It also helps you to perform your work quickly.

The functions of the split meals are three fold. One is the fewer calorific intake, the second is the high metabolic rate and less belly bloating effects. To efficiently improve your body's performance, drink more water daily. Drink at least a glass of water before each meal. Below is a medium plan diet supplying medium calorie daily. For breakfast consume a boiled egg, bread slices and fruit juices that are not added with sugar. You can have brunch which could include toasted bread and jam. Next is lunch, jacket potato sliced, cheese beans, a bowl of salad and an apple. For snacks, you could have a cup of herbal tea, dried fruits and fruit salads. For dinner you can have creamy salmon pasta, mixture of vegetables and fruits and small plate of dessert. The total calorific value adds up to 1704 calories. This is more than sufficient for a day and will help in reducing the excess of fat storage.