How I Managed to Get so Fat!

Like so many other mothers, I spent 4 years of my life giving my all to the family. Household chores and child care left me exhausted, and not in the mood for exercise. I definitely knew that weight gain was creeping up on me, so I would fight back with the usual weight loss products: Atkins, herbal potions, South Beach, weekly meetings, etc. I shelled out lots of money for weekly meetings, bought books and special food. I'd lose a little, or nothing, and my weight fluctuateed badly. After several attempts at dieting I would gain it all back, and become severely depressed. As I said earlier, 55 kilos was my weight when I got married. I stayed thin and fit, until my pregnancy with Matthew. My pregnancy weight gain was normal, and after he was born I was able to shed some of it. 

A few months after giving birth I was pregnant with Jayne, and my body reacted differently. I gained much more weight during this pregnancy. It may have happened because I had her too soon after Matthew and my body hadn't fully recovered from the first pregnancy. A few months after I had Jayne, I was 89 kilos and I stopped looking at the scale. I hated myself, and couldn't bear to see the numbers. At this point, I wondered if my solution would be to join a gym. I found it so hard to find the time and motivation to participate. Who has time with two babies at home? I wasn't able to sustain the gym visits, and so failed again. I blamed myself, but looking back I realise that some of the fault wasn't mine. 

Pregnancy weight gain was normal, and my body's clinging to the extra baby fat after my second pregnancy was something I couldn't foresee. I made several efforts to lose the weight. And as a hardworking wife and mother, I know I'm not actually lazy. Life was taking a toll on my body, and it needed help of a different kind. An Expert gave advice on what works... and I took LOTS of notes! If it was not for an afternoon TV show, I would probably still be fat today. One afternoon, as I was watching a daytime TV talk show, I heard the host talking to a nutritionist about natural methods of losing weight. He helped unravel the mystery of why people have so much trouble dropping kilos, and discussed products that are being used by people around the world to lose weight and improve their health.