Smoky Eyes in 5 Minutes

I'll be the first to admit I cannot do the smoky eye effect to save my life. I look more like uncle fester from the adams family than I do Cheryl Cole. I have numerous palettes with the colours for the smoky eye look and despite watching millions of youtube video tutorials I am still hopeless... but then I saw in more magazine Max Factors Smoky Eye Effect Eyeshadow. (I purposely put the lighter shade on black so you could see the colour better). As soon as I had the stick in my hands I knew that I would be able to do the smoky eye effect. The best way to describe it is imagine a colouring crayon but with one end dark and the other light. (Before blending the colours in with eachother). You start by putting the light shade over the lid (I took it 3/4 away across the lid, from the inner corner outwards) then you apply the darker shade from about half way and then blend with your little finger. 

How easy is that?! You can make it as dramatic as you want, I have used this for a day look smoky eye and a going out sexy smoky eye. Its creamy so it is super easy to blend in you dont even need a brush you can use your little finger like I did. It also has staying power it lasts all day which I think is pretty good considering most creamy eyeshadows seem to disappear during the day. You can buy this from most drugstores like Boots or Superdrug. I believe they are around $7 and you can pick from sixshades if you dont think that the one Ive got is suitable for you. I think this one is called Onyx but dont quote me I just know its black and white as I ripped the colour label off it by mistake! I definitely think this is a must have product! I am so happy that they have brought this out it is simply fool proof and perfect for a sexy smoky eye whilst on the go!

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