Lets Fake Our Curls

Hi Everyone! If you are like me then I give up with my hair. One day it will look amazing the next I have strands that are going here there and everywhere. I had given up on having natural beach like waves as my hair either looks frizzy, doesn't keep the wave/curl or the curlers just wont give me a pretty curl. I was lucky enough to be sent Umberto Gianninis new Curl Friends Hold Me Hairspray. I had been thinking for sometime that I need to master the curl hairstyle as I have my Dads wedding approaching and Id love to have natural looking curls which last all day. The spray comes in a stunning hot pink can and it smells gorgeous! So fresh and girly, it really is yummy! I started off by using a heat protectant spray followed by my straighteners to curl my hair. If I'm honest it took me a while however I was determined to curl all of my hair just to see how good the Hold Me hairspray was. After I curled my hair I used Umberto Gianninis Backcomb in a Bottle on the roots of the crown of my head just to get a bit of volume.

I then scrunched my curls and brushed them lightly to get a loose wave rather than a tight curl. I then sprayed the Hold Me hairspray. The spray didn't make my hair feel like straw. It is a really flexible hairspray so you can spray it whilst your hair is down and if you decide to have an up do instead you can just put it up without having to keep brushing the spray out. The wave lasted all night and I still had a hint of loose curls in the morning so it definitely has staying power! I do have one bad thing to say about it... because it smells so good you just want to keep spraying and spraying! You can pick this up from your local boots along with the other Umberto Giannini products from this line. This Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Hold Me Hairspray costs $5 for a 200ml bottle. Id definitely recommend this for everyday use as its so flexible it doesn't weigh your hair down and you forget that you've got hairspray on until you check yourself out in the mirror and your hair is still looking as perfect as it did when you left your house!

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