Sun Scars

I want to address sun damage today. But first, I would really like to thank you for all the great comments on my last Olay post. Some of those ideas I've heard before and some are brand new! I even went out and picked up a few of the items you all listed to try. I also revisited some old faithful friend Witch Hazel. Of course, drinking tons of water and eating at least an apple a day and lathering up with sun screen are staples in our house too. I have to say though, there was one comment that really struck me. The reader mentioned "love" as her secret. I really liked that and it reminded me of something. Growing up I was super akward and my mom always told me, "The more love and kindness you have in your heart, the more your inner beauty shines through on the outside." I think she was onto something.

I've noticed that the older we all get, the more our inner selves seem to show on the outside.  There is something really beautiful about that idea. Especially for people who's hearts are bursting, because in the end, that is the only kind of beauty that truly matters. Anyway! Thanks for listening to my little self exploration there! With three little girls I am always reminding myself of what really matters. So, this week, with some help from the good people at blogher and Olay, I thought it would be good to focus on sun damage, and turning back the clock. Hey, inner beauty is where it's at, but taking care of the outside never hurt anyone either. I spent my entire life in the sun as a competitive swimmer, water polo player, and life guard (from age 4 all the way through college). In those days, because I didn't burn (olive skin), sun screen wasn't something I thought about. None of us did!

These days, living in California, and teaching my kids to swim all summer long, I lather myself and my kids up like a paranoid crazy person! Knowing what we know now, sun safety is a must. No acceptions. Battling a lifetime in the sun, I like Olay because it gives me a second chance. I feel like I'm doing my skin a favor. I'm also making smarter choices in my life. I eat well, drink tons of water, and exercise daily. I take care of my skin and my children's skin (from head to toe). I know there is no magic potion and their is no way to change the past... but I sure as heck can try! I've been using Olay for a month now and my skin feels soft and new! It is a great option for these cold winter months. I feel good both inside and out! No matter what your trying to change, have faith in yourself and the rest will fall into place. Feeling good on the inside will always show on the outside. Don't take turning back the clock too seriously and do the best you can for you every day.